It started as a personal project; to provide fashion designers with convenient content both Online and off. In 2009 Penter Yip, took it one step further and founded Fashionary—a line of creative fashion products to help designers brainstorm and sketch ideas. Today, the brand has gathered a loyal following of aspirational and established designers becoming the world’s best selling fashion sketchbook brand. It’s latest release focuses on footwear with a Shoe Design Combo that will have Creatives salivating.

Retailing at $59.90, the Shoe Design Combo brings together theoretical and practical elements that offer unique insight into the world of footwear design.

The Fashionary Shoe Design book is a reference guide for footwear design, divided into three sections: Shoe Style Library, Shoe Encyclopedia and Shoe Last Templates. Packaged in a conveniently sized hardcover, its stylish design is as practical as it is informative.

The second part of this combo, The Fashionary Shoe Sketchbook, is a tailor-made creative outlet for capturing design ideas. It includes 300 shoe templates in different heel heights from flats to 6 inch heels—sneakers to pumps. A place to put theory into practice.

Whether you’re an aspiring footwear designer or need a little creative escape, Fashionary is the perfect pit stop for the creative mind. — A.R.