Foo Foo Slippers

It was never the master plan, explains Will, owner and founder of Foo Foo slippers. We’re chatting across the Atlantic about how this U.K. entrepreneur found himself immersed in the footwear industry — and surrounded by pairs of fluffy slippers.

It was quite by accident. A few years ago, his then wife bought a pair of vintage slippers Online. Astounded by the cost and loyal-following, he bought a second-hand pair and successfully re-sold them. Seeing a market, he took it one step further and begun the long and arduous journey to developing the cult brand, Foo Foo Slippers.

Taking inspiration from the retro designs of the 1950s, Will set out to create the ultimate fluffy mule wedge slipper — an iconic style made famous by Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood starlets. “It can’t be that hard,” he explains of his first attempt of making the vintage-inspired designs.

In the early days, he made the orders entirely himself, often staying up all night to complete multiple custom designs. Although time-consuming — and not necessarily cost effective — he found he had a passion for shoe making. Knowing intimately the process of manufacturing — what elements he felt were important to the style and integrity of the brand — allowed him to eventually find the perfect manufacturing partner in Portugal who was aligned with the brands high standards.

Today, each Foo Foo slipper is handcrafted by Portuguese artisans, who themselves have a long and time honored tradition of quality footwear manufacturing. They are finished by hand in the U.K. which allows for a Bespoke service that is a hit with Foo Foo Slipper fans. This is not a mass market brand and only a limited number are produced each month, so you’ll have to act fast to secure a pair of your own.

This is a brand that is serious about slippers and providing the ultimate in quality — from the finest Australian sheepskin to a well-constructed scooped-edge wedge heel. It’s time to say goodbye to the UGGs and add a little glamour to your life. —A.G.