Gravity | Nienke Van Dee

Dutch footwear and accessory designer Nienke Van Dee knows all to well the challenges of taking a design from concept to creation. “The biggest challenge within the design process for me, is that you have your ideas and have to make it reality,” says Van Dee. “Concepts in your head can become so crazy and absurd that there is no way to realize them. You have to constantly think about how am I going to translate this into a wearable shoe. So for me, it is definitely the translation from concept to creation—every design again—that makes it challenging and fun.”  

Van Dee’s work is characterized by minimalist constructions, female influences, unusual use of materials and a strong eye for detail. The designs find their origin in her fascination for excess in images and material. “The idea of shape as a tool for transformation is what drives me,” says Van Dee. “New possibilities in material inspire me.”

Van Dee studied for three years at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and graduated in Product Design from Arnhem at ArtEZ Academy of the Arts. She also studied at the Dutch Healthtec Academy with Shoe Craft and Design in Utrecht. A passion for product design combined with her boundless creativity is her ticket to success.

“I love that it is such a great product to mirror your ideas and creativity,” says Van Dee. “You can have the most amazing ideas and techniques in your head and translate that into a footwear.”

For 2016, shoe lovers can expect more from this talented designer with the release of her new collection entitled, Skinned. For those who may not be able to wait, the designer also creates custom-made designs. Check out her website for more information. — NICOLE ROSS