We caught up with our resident styling expert Selda Cortes to talk about the hottest trend on the catwalk, slick, styled bangs.

What tools do you need to get slick, styled bangs? A comb, gel and hairspray.

Does it lend itself to different styling options? Sure! This hairstyle can be very glamorous whether you wear it with a bun or a sleek low pony.

What do you love about this look? I love that if you make the wave more profound, it replicates a 1920s look with a modern edge.

How do you achieve it?
1. Style your hair straight, and choose your part.
2. Section the hair from ear to ear.
3. First, take the comb, wet it with water, and add your favorite gel. Then use the comb to start running it through the top of your head where your part begins. Use your fingers to give it that wave shape making sure that the gel doesn’t spread to the rest of the hair, only at the front part. My recommendation is to use a duck clip to help hold the wave. Spray it until it dries and then take the clip out. The gel will add that final, wet look.

On a scale of 1-10 how hard is this to do yourself? It’s easier than it looks. I would rate it a 4 out of 10.