When it comes to radiant skin, we're always interested in finding solutions derived from nature. Facialist to the stars—and skincare expert—Ildi Pekar shares three DIY beauty tips derived from one of her favorite ingredients, raw honey. —

"A favorite natural ingredient of mine is 100% raw honey. It has various benefits to the human body, especially in healing and maintaining healthy skin of all types which is why I incorporate it into all of my products. It has amazing soothing effects that hydrate the skin leaving you with a soft and radiant glow. It is also packed with anti oxidants to help slow the aging process and plump up your skin leaving you with a youthful appearance.”  Ildi Pekar

Spring Dehydration Mask

This is a great treatment for super dehydrated skin and skin deficient with vitamins.

Take yogurt
Add Mashed Fruit to hydrate (Watermelon or Banana)
Add 100% natural raw Honey for extra moisture and love
*Use fresh, organic ingredients to revitalize your skin*
Leave on for 20 minutes
Spring Tiredness

This is perfect for an energizing morning DIY mask.

1 Medium Shredded Apple (Peel it prior, no skin)
2 tablespoon of Honey
Leave on for 30 minutes
Wind Down

Take some time to pamper yourself with this relaxing Spring facial.

Warm 2 teaspoons of honey to room temperature
Add 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese
20 minutes for a relaxing and simple DIY facial