It's a wardrobe staple for both men and women, but finding the perfect white shirt can be a frustrating process. For English brand in-grid, this simple-yet-classic piece has become the cornerstone of their company. Founders Adam Barclay and Katie Timothy are dedicated to "mastering a craft with the intention of saying as much as possible with as few components as possible."

Partners in life as well as in work. in-grid was found a little over one year ago, but the roots of the brand stretch right back to when the couple first began dating where inevitably their creative interests began to materialize. White shirts were not the initial aim, but through a process of designing and then re-designing, it became apparent that shirts were the perfect platform in which to focus their detail driven design methodology.

A former ballet dancer, Katie transitioned seamlessly into fashion studying at UCA as an Atelier in womenswear. She worked at in the buying department before meeting Adam and finding herself drawn into the design process once again. For Adam, it was graphic design—specifically an interest in Germanic and Swiss Typographic design—that laid the ground work for in-grid. Together, they began to experiment with what would happen when their two disciplines collided. After months of designing, making, thinking and again re-making, they ended up with one singular aim, to produce the finest detail driven white shirts, for women that would be made in England. The result is thought-out design that makes you the star and these, our go-to staples.

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