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NARIE is a philanthropic online marketplace that sells clothing and accessories that are ethically produced and contribute to the education and empowerment of under-privileged women and children in communities around the world. It spotlights fashion that is both environmentally and socially-conscious, as it holds international designers and manufacturers to green, ethical audit standards including:

  • Product must be produced in accordance with fair wage and safety standards
  • Employment of underage children is prohibited
  • Production facilities must have functioning electricity, running water, proper ventilation, designated restrooms, and must be free of toxic fumes
  • Facilities must have a disaster protocol in place in case of emergency and must conduct annual earthquake and fire drills
  • Facilities must be built to code and inspected annually, ensuring safety in the event of a disaster

We catch up with the inspiring founder Manisha, on style, inspiration and the quest for ethical fashion.

What inspired the creation of NARIE? Growing up in India, I saw first-hand the abuse of women and children that are subjected to harsh work conditions and are deprived of the right to an education. With Narie, I am able to help women and children in need by donating a part of sales to charitable organizations, which support our mission.
How much time was spent in development? Two years.
Do you ever want to run away with the products? Yes, I want to run away with the products. I would never sell something that I personally don’t love. I often think of how the Narie woman could incorporate different pieces into their life, as well as my own.
How do you discover new brands? Every design, product and designer has a story and I want to be able to share each story with our customers. By including a brand profiles with our item descriptions, our customers are able to learn more about the specific product that they are purchasing. We try to curate brands that have a unique story behind them, share our vision of giving back, and want to make women feel great in the clothes they wear.
What exciting developments do you have in the works? Currently, we are shooting our summer collection and we are working on our launch event. Also, we are always looking for other charities that we can partner with in the future.

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