New York conceptual artist, designer and creative director, Kaimin heads to Paris to launch the second season of her eponymous women's wear brand. Defiantly unconventional yet sensual and powerfully feminine Kaimin explores the realm of fetish and eroticism through garments that dissect and distort the human physique, challenging accepted standards of what clothing should do for the body. 

The collection, titled "Fable Warrior," uses innovative materials to thrust elements of bondage and punk into the future for a surreal demeanor. In keeping with the brand's guiding ideology of elastic interpretation and daring innovation, Fable Warrior's Punk-futuristic design philosophy draws inspiration from military livery and structured contours, incorporating Kaimin's signature youthful ruckus.

With this collection, Kaimin strives for a Yin and Yang balance to harmonize opposites, including: muscular vs soft fabrics; organic vs futuristic patterns; dark vs playful floral colurs; and fluid curves vs geometric shapes. The unique materials--some rigid and some pliable--include a variety of leathers, ranging from glossy and iridescent to matte, as well as elegant synthetic ruffles, flowing mesh, and a mixture of hard-waxed twill. The end product is a vivid palette with a varied, nearly science-fiction choice of fabrics that lets Kaimin's signature love for abstraction and primeval sexuality come to the fore in a playful way. -- KaiminOfficial.com

Photographed by KT Auleta with styling by Anna Trevelyan.