Tara Bryan Burner has been creating heavenly heels for more than a decade. Now, she’s turning her expertise to swimwear with the launch of KTB—Kill the Buddha. Featuring figure-flattering silhouettes and eye-catching designs, these creations are all about hitting the beach in style—and comfort.

It’s such a long journey from concept to creation, what’s been the most humbling experience launching KTB? For me, that was admitting that I can’t do everything. I went into this with a clear vision of what I wanted my brand to look like, and who my customer is. What I learned quickly was that starting a label is so much more than just making great items, but rather about creating a cohesive line of product with a powerful message that is obvious to the consumer. It wasn’t until I accepted the fact that I didn’t know everything, and connected with individuals that had skill sets I lacked, that I started to see my brand come together in a way that matched my vision.

How do you think your designs stand out in the competitive world of swimwear? I think there is a real void in the market for swimwear that meets the needs of 30-40-year-old fashionable women. There is an abundance of swimwear designed for young surfer girls, and women in their twenties. There is also a lot of brands that target older women, that promise to tuck and flatten, but feel like a girdle or are just too much coverage and not enough attitude! My goal is to design a line that is sexy and stylish, while taking into consideration the differences that make each one of our bodies unique and beautiful. Also, KTB swimwear offers pieces like our Bohdi swim necklace, an original design that can be worn by itself for the more daring woman, or as a layering piece. We want our swimwear to be playful, versatile and beautiful.

How would you want women to feel in KTB? I want our women to feel empowered, confident, and sexy while comfortable in KTB. We know she is hardworking, and we want her time in a swimsuit to be spent relaxing, having fun and feeling like her best self. Our message is: “Embrace your beautiful.” Our goal, to remind her she is, one swimsuit at a time. — A.G.