I must preface this by saying I am completely biased when it comes to Libertine, simply because I love fabulous fashion. New York Fashion Week has over 500 shows in 10 days, many that deliver basics we don't need to see on the runway. When a brand such as Libertine comes along that melds funky accessories with fabulous styling and quality pieces, we can't help but be hooked.

This season Johnson Hartig, the creative force behind the brand, we saw mixed textures and fabrics paired: fur-like jackets with sheer, sequin dresses, and cheer floral prints together with knits and pom poms. Seriously, what's not to love? For some, it may seem a bit much all together but that's the beauty of Libertine, it makes an impact on the runway and can make a statement whether you're head-to-toe or sporting one piece. For the fashion flamboyant this is your go-to brand. Get to it. — ANGELA GILLTRAP