Utilitarian yet feminine, neutral yet bright, geometric yet flexible, Lindy Fox manages to combine opposites to reflect the contradictions in our life. The result, is clothing completely rooted in self-expression. Here, the designer talks to us about her dream job, New York City and life on the farm.

How did you become involved in fashion design? From around junior high I knew I wanted to be in fashion. I entered through the business side and am now working on the design side—finally doing my dream. I took the long road but it's all been beneficial.

What materials do you most like the work with? Anything Up-cycled and organic, something that feels it serves a bigger purpose than just being beautiful.

How does your geographic location influence your aesthetic? I definitely think about function being in NYC because we're so on the go and need our clothing to be as mobile as we are, to bend and twist with our bodies while still looking good.

What's been your greatest achievement to date? Having two runway shows.

What's one thing people would never guess about you? That I love getting my hands dirty. I was raised on a farm after all, which I think you can see in my clothing.