If you’re after hardcore romance, Loveday London is the brand you've been searching for. The luxury lingerie and lifestyle brand delivers designs that are fiercely-feminine. Here, you’ll find everything from sexy lingerie and glamorous loungewear, to sumptuous quilts and pillows. We caught up with the brand’s charismatic founder Luisa Loveday, who seemed destined for a career in

How did it all begin? Loveday London has been developing in my mind for as long as I can remember. I always knew I was going to start my own label; I used to design hats for Ladies Day at Ascot (a horse racing event in the U.K.) when I was a child and put my name into logos using microsoft paint!

What is your design background? I studied Design Management at the University of Manchester and graduated with a First class Honours degree. As part of my course I spent a year working with luxury lingerie brand Fleur of England. Having returned to Fleur after graduating, I started a design role at Coco de Mer London, where I was responsible for the creative direction of the company.

We love the brand’s tag line “The irresistible desire to feel irresistibly desired,” how important is it to feel irresistible? The catch phrase sits along side our tag line ‘Hardcore Romance,’ both of these are hugely important when developing new concepts and designs for the label. It’s essential that the wearer feels irresistible in Loveday London and all of our designs must be both feminine and erotic simultaneously.

What advice to you have for those looking to up their boudoir style? Confidence is key—it’s what unites the Loveday London customer. Both men and women should find their inner confidence to let their desires govern their choices when it comes to selecting boudoir styles. Loveday London is feminine enough to not be ‘scary,’ but sexy enough to ignite passion and new energy.

What exciting developments do you have in the works for 2016? 2016 has already been an exciting year, we brought the label to New York City for the first time in February. We’ll be back in August to the shows in Paris and New York. We also have a secret collaboration of an addition to our boudoir range in the pipeline for 2016.