The theme of this season's MODALisboa is "Boundless" what does that mean to you?
Boundless means to me literally Limitless, but also I've related the word to Boldness, which is similar phonetically and also in written. This edition of MODALisboa, I will present bolder choices than before.

How important for you is it to be a part of MODALisboa? I'm part of MODALisboa and MODALisboa is also part of me. It is like my safe harbor, it was were I launched my brand. As a former fashion student I used to work there at the beginning of my college career and it is like my second home where I feel loved and where I also love to be.

How do you handle the stress of putting together a runway show? It comes naturally to me. When I start to design each collection, all my inspirations are also runway related. I start to imagine shapes, forms, lights and sounds that will complement my designs, so afterwards it comes easy to make everything work out in the runway show.

What's one thing people would never guess about you? I'm quite shy.

What can we expect this season? This season, I've gone a bit more far in my choice of materials, textures and shapes. We can expect a darker, organic-shaped, structured and fluid collection called DEEP.

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