Wool and the Gang | The Health Benefits of Knitting

In our stressed-out, over-complicated lives, we're all in search of a little peace and serenity. Thanks to Wool and the Gang, you can have just that without ever having to leave home with the introduction of their "Me Time" scarf.

This all-in-one kit includes the brand's new “Feeling Good” striped yarn—a luxurious blend of baby Alpaca and Merino wool—needles and pattern. The concept? You simply knit rows of a single color, and when the color of the yarn changes, it’s time to stop for the day. Each stripe of color should take approximately 20 minutes to complete, meaning that anyone can find some “me time” to relax and knit.
Available in Northern Lights Green (black + turquoise green), Clear Blue Sky (light blue + ivory white) and Milky Way (black + gray) for $47, including gorgeous rosewood knitting needles at