Miguel Vieira ModaLisboa | Heaven Has Heels Magazine

Showcasing both men's and women's wear, we caught up with Internationally renowned fashion designer Miguel Vieira as he preps for ModaLisoba—Lisbon Fashion Week.

What's playing in your studio right now? Mostly Portuguese sounds and musics with Portuguese guitar, like Hydheia by M-Pex.
What best describes you pre-show?
a) Excited
b) Anxious
c) Totally in control
d) Having an out-of-body experience
e) All of the above

Although I am in control most of the time there are always mixed feelings before a show so, I must say all of the above.

What do you love about showing at ModaLisboa? I love to show at ModaLisboa because I am closer to my Portuguese fans and customers. ModaLisboa is the oldest active Portuguese fashion week. It has an excellent organization and it is a place where you can really breathe fashion.
What is the most challenging? I would say that the most challenging is to reinvent and overcome yourself one season after another.

What can we expect this season? A white base, a primary color, and black were the main elements of the graphic inspiration of this season's collection. It also has manually woven fabrics that form patterns reminiscent of Mondrian's paintings. Abstract and minimalism are also transported to the silhouette and modeling of the collection. It is a collection with sporty details but also a strong sartorial presence. Balance was found in the nobility and in the Informal, in geometry and in fluidity.


Images: ModaLisboa/Rui Vasco