Image: @Cheeboss

Name: Andre Chee

Instagram: @cheeboss

Agency: Elite Lisbon

How you were discovered? I was always watching Fashion TV and my sister insisted on taking pictures of me at 4am to send to a major agency in Portugal due to the fact that she knew the work of Bruno Rosendo and said I could be like him. At 10 am, the agency called to sign me, and to have a chance to work with B. Rosendo.

What was your first runway show? My first big fashion week was at ModaLisboa—Lisbon Fashion Week—In the Market edition. It was a dream came true to work alongside such great professionals which inspired me.

What do you love to do outside of fashion? Whatever I do, I strive to be the best. I like things that inspire me to be better. Being a good model makes fashion for me, not a job, but a pleasure. Engineering is also a big part of my life. But what gives me absolute pleasure is to travel and to spend time with my family and my girlfriend as they are my backbone.