Image: Modalisboa/Rui Vasco

Nuno Gama has long been a favored fixture on the Portuguese fashion scene. Renowned for his suave menswear and inventive runway shows, we caught up with Portugal's finest to talk pre-Modalisboa preparations.

What's playing in your studio right now? Buraka Som Sistema, Hangover.

What best describes you pre-show?
a) Excited
b) Anxious
c) Totally in control
d) Having an out-of-body experience
e) All of the above

e) All of the above & all the others that I can present you.

What do you love about showing at ModaLisboa? This magic need of sharing my world with the others.

What is the most challenging? Keeping that need of sharing, and superseding expectations.

What can we expect this season? In the last edition of ModaLisboa, we sailed to the Cape of Good Hope. This season, we face the sea monster head on with a strong urge to be tied to the helm. Intrepid, we sail around the cape with the desire for that unique Universalism which the Portuguese language gave to the world, in search of the incredible Africa, and across the immense Indian Ocean to the silent Asian beauty of blossoming almond trees.
We passionately observe the return of Dandyism, our best traditions, and the resurgence of the codes of elegance in which man is renewed through the pure pleasure of pampering himself.
“The” coat has returned in full force and the worldly “man” gives in to the melody of the best tradition in tailoring expertise, the “hand” to the touch, the soft fall of the fabric, the comfort and dynamism in a body of cosmopolitan attitude that only the richness of past experience, together with advanced technology, orchestrates this epic poem.
With him, we see the return of the tailor-made, personalized and unique.
With him, we see the permanence of luxury and color, and the renewal of the everlasting classics. The excellence of the shirts, ribbons, kerchiefs, and ties complete this cycle of elegance with “the” shoe.
For him, in fascination we traveled around the four corners of the world from which we brought back as much as our eyes could allow, in the reminiscence of formal wear, recovering the lost pride of the riches and nobility of the unique History of the mission of our people whom I call mine.


Images: Modalisboa/Rui Vasco