The closing show in a four-day fashion extravaganza, we caught up with the enigmatic Nuno Gama ahead of this week's MODALisboa—Lisbon Fashion Week.

The theme of this season's MODALisboa is "Boundless" what does that mean to you? For me, it's about questioning limits.

How important is it to be a part of MODALisboa? It's extremely important, 100%. Because we've grown together, learning how to put Portuguese fashion on the map.

How do you handle the stress of putting together a runway show? I don't handle with him because long time ago, stress is already chez moi, pure adrenaline.

What's one thing people would never guess about you? The loneliness of this travel.

As the headlining show, what can we expect this season? Stay tuned on the juice of this historical show and understand the real message behind the clothes frontiers. This collection is inspired by the hidden secrets of S. Vicente de Fora.

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