It's a favorite among many of our shoe lovers, particularly those living on the Upper East Side. And this season, costume designer Staci Greenbaum of Odd Mom Out, Broad City and Difficult People will be among a star studded panel at industry favorite MAGIC in Las Vegas.

Image: StaciTreenbaum.com

Image: StaciTreenbaum.com

How did you get involved with MAGIC? I got involved with MAGIC through the Matchbook Company working with Linda Kearns.

Have you ever been to MAGIC before? What are you looking forward to most at the show? First time for me! As a Costume Designer I am always looking to get exposure to new brands and new lines of clothing. Most of the shows I design are modern and explore all walks of New York life.  Getting a sense of what is new and upcoming, helps me source when I am building a closet for a character.

What are the main points you will share with guests during the panel? I hope to be able to provide some insight into the process of costume design. Clothing is the vehicle for visual storytelling to support the script and the characters and I have three diverse shows I design that explore very diverse neighborhoods in NYC; Broad City, Odd Mom Out, and Difficult People.

Where do Abbi and Ilana of Broad City shop? Abbi and Ilana, the characters, acquire their clothes from a number of places. There’s certainly overlap from an accessibility standpoint, such as Topshop, Uniqlo, H+M, + Zara. For Abbi we delineate toward Madewell, Aritzia, J.Crew, Anthropologie, small New York based brands, and stores that she could responsibly get a great deal at like Nordstrom Rack and Century 21. For Ilana, that means a mix of flea market vintage, smaller New York based brands, nasty gal, LF, and a handful of truly random finds.

We are on a budget as they would be…for example, the vest/T-shirt Ilana wore during season 1, when she became her own accountant…We had a garbage bag on the floor of our department and we thought it was trash and then we realized it was full of free clothing. Repeating items is part of the show’s philosophy, like LF's lattice bra that is often visible above or below Ilana’s crop tops. I try to keep it real-real, not just TV real.

Ilana and Abbi are young women in the big city. How do you see their style evolving in the next three-five years? What is so fun about these characters is that with every step forward, there are two steps back, a hop to the side, three steps to the left, and a flip. We have no idea what the next step will be for Abbi and Ilana, so my hope for them over the next three to five years is that they still explore, still misstep, try new things, and stay true to themselves (whoever they are at that moment) as they explore where they fit into this big city. As many young professionals in the city know, jobs aren’t always lasting; you can get promoted unexpectedly, with each evolution will come new styles to explore. For Ilana maybe a zanier style head to toe, for Abbi, maybe her cool urban and feminine sensibility becomes more refined and bold.  But 3-5 years will not make these two suddenly “adults” in the traditional sense. The beauty of New York is the vibrance of the city that keeps people young and experimental.

Both of the characters really dress for themselves. What tips can you offer someone for developing their own personal style? My favorite part about my work is research. I delve into it so immensely often getting lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole for hours on end, I think visuals can be a very strong advocate to help to tell your story and develop your personal style. More effectively of course is putting on clothes, fit is really what it is all about. How does an oversized dress make you feel? Do you prefer something that plays to your assets, maybe a more defined waist or lower cut neckline? What colors make you feel great? Do you love to accessorize? Do you suddenly walk taller and gracefully in heels, or are you dying in them? Go with the things that make you feel beautiful and uniquely you. Make mistakes. You have your whole life to hone in on your personal style, it’s not stagnant and that’s what makes it beautiful.


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