Image: @oliverrauh

Image: @oliverrauh

Aside from his contagious laugh and vivacious personality, fashion innovator Oliver Rauh has the kind of job most fashion lovers dream of — from shooting major campaigns to styling today's hottest models, this is a man who is as humble as he is talented. We caught up with the vivacious German-based creative to talk about the realities of life in the fashion industry.

How did you get into fashion? I've always had a big attraction and passion for fashion ever since I was a child, my grandma was a women's tailor so I was always around fashion. My first bespoke daktari-suit I got at the age of five and that's how I walked through the urban "city-jungle." I knew early on, what I wanted to wear. Later on, I wanted to study fashion, but the deal was first to study something "serious" and so I studied economics. At that time I started to work in a fashion company that believed in me and my creativity. So, I studied and worked at the the time. I became pr-director at the age of 22, and advertising director at the age of 23 with my first campaigns in Vogue, Elle and other major publications. It was a great start to the world of fashion.

What you do you love most about what you do? I love that my job is my passion. And I love that I am always doing something new. That's why my life is never boring and I am happy nowadays to be successful in different fields of creating something beautiful: fashion-styling, interior-styling, creative direction, fashion photography, beauty-productions, fashion-beauty-editor, consulting, teaching.

What does an average day look like for you? The great thing about my job is that every day is kind of different. Normally I get up around 7am and try to run every other day. Then a coffee and small breakfast on my sofa enjoying breakfast-tv for 30 minutes before I start with my happy, inspiring working day. And then it depends of the day: photo studio, location, press days, brainstorming, styling, product-research, casting etc. but a creative never ends, so I meet friends for dinner or cinema, cook or surf on inspiring pages.

What characteristics do you feel you need to possess, to be great at your job? Passion, creativity, great education, be open-minded, listen to what people say and want, have dignity, good manners, communication, confidence, be punctual and have respect.

Are there any specific qualifications that are an asset? I mean my studies have always helped me to understand what brands need and what clients want but I think my best qualification is the great education I got from my mum to be prepared for the social life.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to get into this line of work? Be yourself, believe in yourself, be open-minded and see every day's beauty as inspiration. But don't forget that you can be lucky to work in this line of work. Other jobs, such as being a nurse, are more important for our life and planet.