Meet best friends Ruta Labrence and Anda Auksmukste, founders of your new favorite e-commerce store 

What was the inspiration behind We both come from a fashion background and have always wanted to create something new for the industry. When the opportunity opened to create a carefully curated content-driven platform, we capitalized on it. We wanted for fashion-forward up-and-comers to have a destination to shop for premium emerging and established brands in an atmosphere comparable to high-end luxury retailers.

What does an average day look like for you? The answer is probably true for most entrepreneurs… Every day looks different! We always start by answering emails and planning the day ahead. Usually afternoons are for meetings. Our daily tasks vary, but we’re constantly working on our website’s development; updating the site, uploading new products, and creating new content.

How do you decide what to stock? Whenever we select new designers, we make sure there is a great product and brand that will add value to the customer. We also look for a great story behind the brand that helps bring the brand to life. Before buying a garment, we do trend research and think of what trends our customers would like and actually wear. We want to make sure that the garment would actually fit into the life of our customer, and the practicality, quality and durability are important elements we consider.

Do you ever want to run away with the merchandise? We absolutely want to run away with the garments! We do the purchasing ourselves, and our personal touch is incorporated. We select garments that we would wear, and the buying is a strategic process. Many times we see pieces that we fall in love with, and decide to add to the selection, even if they weren’t part of the original plan.

What exciting developments do you have planned for the future? In the future, we want to work on more exclusive collaborations with designers to create capsule collections only available on our site. We already have a collaboration in the works that we’re excited to bring to