Thanks to technology, everyone can shop the carefully curated content of Los Angeles store Shop Super Street. We catch up with founder Lucy Akin to talk inspiration, style and life on the road.

What was the inspiration behind Shop Super Street? I wanted to create a store that mixed men's and women's clothes in a cool way. I love a styled mix of clothes—a Stussy sweatshirt with an Isabel Marant skirt and Rochas bag. I didn’t think any stores were offering that mix to women and I saw an opportunity in the market.

What does an average day look like? Oh my god! My average day is crazy, if I’m not traveling for fashion week, I’m usually splitting my time between downtown L.A., our warehouse, and the store. There’s a lot of time spent in the car, on my phone, and on the computer. The number of text messages I receive in a day is baffling.

What’s the most fun part of your job? I love doing our buy. Going to see each of our designers and hearing their story for the season is my favorite part. And then, collectively creating our story from those collections to then present to our audience is my other favorite part of the job. It’s a very creative process for me and so much of what we do is story telling through clothes.

What kind of designers do you look for? I look for something that doesn’t look like anything else out there. I like designers that show me something new. I don’t really like if there are a lot of modern references to other designers. I like an original story to be told by a designer, I think that’s getting harder and harder since our lives are becoming so connected through social media. It’s hard to find originality today.

Do you ever want to run away with the merchandise? Of course! But it makes me way happier to see a client buy it. People who shop at our store always say they get complimented on the things they buy from us. People getting that type of feedback makes me know I’m doing my job well.

What exciting developments do you have planned for the future? I have a couple of side projects that I’m excited about. Shop Super Street is a wonderful platform for us and I have a couple designers I’m working with exclusively. We’re also developing our own in-house line. It’s going to be very small to start but it’s very exciting!