Men’s fashion has long reflected men’s place in society, with a focus on hyper-masculinity and staying well within the lines of stereo typically male features. However, the way that fashion designers view men’s clothing is now changing to reflect our modern world. With their Spring-Summer 2017 collection, Ports 1961 is defying the way that we view masculinity, and men in society, by abandoning the over-done commonalities of men’s design.

The collection is spearheaded by French artistic director Milan Vukmirovic in his fourth collection for the brand. For the SS17 collection, Vukmirovic based his designs on military uniforms, the clothing that is often seen as the pinnacle of masculinity. Vukmirovic intentionally upends this idea by adding stereo typically feminine details to the military-inspired fashion, making a unique and gender neutral collection. The collection flawlessly mixes previously gender-tied details like abstract flowers laid upon raw-seamed bomber jackets and delicate embroidery on button-downs and sweatshirts.

The aim of Milan Vukmirovic and Ports 1961 with this collection is more than to just alter how gender is viewed in fashion, but how we view gender in the world as a whole. The collection’s slogan “less hate, more love” perfectly embodies how real change can begin on the runway simply by challenging the norm. — MERIAL WILES