We caught up with the fabulous Erin Barr as she gets set for her first New York Fashion Week runway show.

What's playing in your studio right now? "B****, Don't Kill my vibe"- Kendrick Lamar

What best describes you pre-show?
a) Excited
b) Anxious
c) Totally in control
d) Having an out-of-body experience

A (And B!)

What do you love about showing during NYFW? I love all of the great energy focused around fashion, and being a part of it is really exciting!

What is the most challenging? That week right before the show when we are all literally running on fumes.

What can we expect for this season? I expect and hope to send an amazing collection down the runway, as this will be our first runway show!

Who decides what footwear goes with each look? I work with my amazing stylist/co-conspirator, Nathan Qualley, and together we decide what works. Nathan always has really great ideas, and it's nice to have an outside perspective at times.