Since graduating from the Fashion Institute Palace Hetzendorf in 2012, Thaler has attracted world wide attention for his unique and, in his own words, “over-the-top” designs. Falling for footwear, after being introduced to all facets of design—from knitwear to millinery—Thaler has emerged on the scene as one of the industry’s new and exciting innovators. Vehemently opposed to mass production and trend-driven consumerism, Thaler has set his sights on delivering conversation-worthy designs using the finest quality materials. Footwear lovers, get ready to be wowed.

Growing up in Austria, Thaler was drawn to fashion from a young age. “In school, my teachers began to notice my strong interest and potential,” he explains. “They suggested I apply at the Fashion Institute of Vienna located at the Palace Hetzendorf.” Which is exactly what he did.

As part of his training he studied everything from ready-to-wear to millinery but it was footwear that stole his heart. He quickly developed his own signature style and a growing list of fans. So much so, he decided to go out on his own after directly after graduating.     

Inspired by his country’s beliefs, history and aesthetic, Thaler’s designs are heavily influenced by the monarchies of central Europe—particularly the Baroque and Rococo. “An era when it was all about beauty not comfort,” warns Thaler.

“I am creating my own fabulous world, surrounded by strong personalities and sky-high heels”
— Bernd Serafin Thaler

Showcasing classic silhouettes with unexpected embellishments, each shoe is handmade using only the finest materials—a homage to tradition with a creative signature of his own.

Expert to find tactile leather, exotic skins and unexpected materials interlaced in feminine-yet-wearable designs. “Ilike to experiment with fairly uncommon materials,” says Thaler. “I feel like it helps the design process as you have to think outside the box and design a shoe from another perspective.”

With a slew of editorials, commercial engagements and loyal customers, it’s the designs themselves that provide the ultimate satisfaction for Thaler. “Every collection is a new achievement for me, seeing the finished product after months of designing and sampling, amazes me every time and makes it worth the effort and me proud of what I’m doing.”

With an eye for design and a passion for innovation expect to see more from this talented designers. A.G. —

Bernd Serafin Thaler | Heaven Has Heels
Bernd Serafin Thaler | Heaven Has Heels