"Life is full of perfect imperfections." That's the philosophy behind Rossmore, an Award-Winning American fashion range based in Los Angeles. We caught up with designer Suzanne Lequeux the brains behind these beauties.

What are you listening to right now? Purity Ring radio on Pandora, that's what we do our bench work to. Shipping, Tupac Radio. Lol.

What’s one piece of jewelry you never leave home without? My two-tone 14k teeth, yellow teeth, rose gold chain. I never take it off. I switch up my earrings nearly everyday and always wear a different Starlight Love piece, mostly because usually I sell the ones I wear, that's how I got started and still to this day, one of the reasons why I keep going. Everywhere I go people always want to buy my jewelry right off my body! Cray. It's been like that since I worked for my very first jeweler 15 years ago, before I ever had a collection!

If you had to choose, would it be gold or silver? Gold.

What’s one thing people would never guess about you? I actually wanted to be a painter and teach college beginning painting but jewelry just swept me up 'cuz it was always the thing that 'landed' for me.

“Priceless” to you means... My husband.