Juan Carlos Pajares SS16

Juan Carlos Pajares SS16

Celebrate the perfection of imperfection. The antithesis of the slick bun, carefree hair is all the rage on the runway so embraces your flyaways and aim for the ultimate in casual cool. We ask Selda Cortes, our resident hair stylist, to weigh in on the beauty of this season’s hottest hair trend.

What kind of hair styles lend themselves to creating a carefree look? “Carefree” always works with clean hair. The beauty about this hairstyle is that you can design your own signature look depending on your hair texture and length.

What tools do you need to achieve it? A comb, your fingers and a product to help achieve texture. I would recommend Full Effect from Eufora.

What are three essential elements you need to creating a carefree, dishevel-by-design hairstyle? Don’t worry too much about technique, this is the time to be creative and experiment! What you're aiming for here is texture.

What do you love most about this style? I’m fond of how flexible it is. As the day goes on, the hairstyle still looks great and doesn’t need to be touched it up.

How hard is it to perfect? You need to keep in mind that this is a disheveled hairstyle. It’s not about perfection or technique, it’s about feeling liberated and independent.