Nicopanda & Amazon: See-Now-Prime-Now Hits the Runway

Nicopanda SS18 London Fashion Week // Heaven HAs Heels

Is this the future of fashion? For quite some time the industry has been trying to reinvent fashion week; redefine its purpose and convince designers of its economic viability. Is it an industry event or open to the public? Is it a preview for buyers or bloggers? Can it be all of these things or is it none?

Since bringing live streaming to the runway, actually attending a fashion show has become "so last season." Sure, it's great for the street style photo-op but does anyone really need to go anymore?

Fashion week has always been about relationships. Previously it focused on the relationship between industry and designer. Now the focus has shifted to that of brand and consumer. Where once an invite was elusive and exclusive, now, the industry has opened its arms (at least virtually) to include anyone and everyone with an internet connection. So why have a show at all? Why not, as Nicholas K planned, have one streamed exclusively on Instagram?

The cost of a show, has always been offset by the media attention and potential orders from buyers in attendance but without an emphasis on industry/designer relations, you loose those people and with it, the potential for long-term exposure. Most industry professionals will forgive a bad season, consumers will not. 

So where does that leave fashion week with its focus so heavily targeted to consumer/brand relations? Sure, it's exponentially increased the number of eyes on the designs but to what end? The missing link has always been sales.

Enter Nicopanda and Amazon Fashion.

Teaming up to offer a See-Now-Prime-Now capsule collection, this may be the first of many runway shows that redefine the purpose of fashion week; where showing is about, first and foremost, business.

Technology has allowed brands to cut out the middle man and go straight to the consumer. It's an exciting time of innovation that may lead to a revolutionary chain of events in the retail world.

How does it work? Amazon Fashion is offering One Day delivery (within selected postcodes in both London and Milan for One Hour Prime Now delivery straight from the catwalk (See first six looks from the runway).

When people love it, they want it. Not six months from now. But now. And what better partner to facilitate that than Amazon?

The logistics for Creative Director Nicola Formichetti on the other hand, seem quite terrifying. How many sizes available? How many to hold in stock? Limiting the orders to a curated selection helps but it's a bold move on the part of Formichetti; one that many others will surely benefit from. It's an exciting innovation in an otherwise predictable and dying event. — ANGELA GILLTRAP