Seven Lovers

New York City has long been a creative muse, particularly when it comes to film. "It’s a place of dreams, myths and starry-eyed hopes but it’s also an inescapably down-to-earth city," says writer and director Keith Boynton. "You only have to step outside and smell the garbage to know you’re in a real, honest-to-God place."

Boynton's latest film project, Seven Lovers follows the story of Laura (played by Erin Darke), as she falls in (and out of) seven loves—all set among the backdrop of New York City. A heart-warming and at-times confronting narrative, it's one that many of us can relate to, regardless of where you may be in life or in love. 

The film utilizes different genres to play out Laura's journey from missed connections and Tinder dates, to creepy stalkers and one-night-stands. There's a black and white, old Hollywood, song and dance section and amazing animation complete with castle and dragon. Boynton says he was drawn to the challenge of creating something original. "There have been style-blending movies before—I’m thinking of Kill Bill, in particular—but I’m not aware of any movie that has played with genre in quite this way, and it’s always exciting to do something you don’t think has been tried before—even if it means you run the risk of spectacular failure."

One of the stand out performances has to be hipster/Tinder date Fran Kranz whose awkward charm and genuine enthusiasm for love steal the show and perhaps—no spoilers here—heart of our leading lady who, Boynton discovered through casting director, Adrienne Stern. "I knew immediately that we were looking at something special," says Boynton of Darke's first reading. "A lot of great actresses read for the role of Laura, but there was no one who nailed all the movie’s different styles the way Erin did. She’s an uncannily gifted performer; her instincts are infallible, her versatility is boundless, and her intellect is, quite frankly, intimidating. I see great things in her future."

As for Boynton, next up he is directing a music video for a children’s song performed by the great grunge singer Mark Lanegan (written by his mother), and has another feature film in the works. In the meantime, he is letting Seven Lovers "spread its wings and fly." It's definitely well worth a watch. — ANGELA GILLTRAP

Seven Lovers is now available now on iTunes and Amazon.