Welcome to the colorful world of A self-confessed over-styler, this London-based blogger shares her "shiny thoughts" on London, travel and personal style.

You're on a first date, what shoe do you wear? It would depend on the date location so if we were heading to a street food market, it would be trainers all the way, but if they were a little more fancy I'd probably opt for a pair of mid heel sandals, preferably with crystals. Heels are far too risky, and I can't do with feeling nervous about not falling over let alone impressing the guy!

What's one fashion rule you always break? Definitely overdoing it! I'm always over styling but it's taking me a very long time to discover that less really can be more! That necklace is so pretty though!

When it comes to shoes, how much is too much to pay? I'm a total cheapskate so probably £50! I totally understand that you need to pay more for leather and quality so I might be tempted to double that figure for my wedding or something. Ha!

Who is your favorite shoe designer? Nike!

If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? An Adidas Supercolour! All of the colors all together!