slight jewelry

It’s a process that has been revolutionizing the world as we know it. For Amanda Campbell, 3D printing was the answer to a burning creative question. It was how the designer, and now founder and creative director of Slight Jewelry, got started in the wonderful world of accessory design.

Launched in 2013 in Brooklyn, New York, Campbell uses brass, sterling silver and gold to create unique pieces that are as chic as they are cool. These really are conversation-starters, particularly her latest collection which was inspired by Art Deco Insects—well, “What we would imagine insects to look like in space if they were robots,” she laughs. Here, you will find spider-inspired motifs and creepy-crawly claws surrounding Tahitian pearls and rare gray diamonds. It’s a collection based on Campbell’s love of Sci Fi and Art Deco design—the name, a homage to her slightly different designs that included stylish zombie and teeth motifs. Even her logo reflects her unique take on the world, it’s the word “slight” written in braille and is included in all the brand’s packaging. It reiterates Campbell’s belief that jewelry is not only visual but sensory.

Although relatively new to the accessory world, Campbell has a background in fashion marketing and has been sketching design ideas for years. Originally from Arizona, she moved to New York City three years ago, her two older sisters already very much at home in Manhattan. It was here, that she discovered her passion for jewelry and 3D printing. After working for another jewelry designer, she realized there was nothing on the market that reflected her own sci-fi point of view and decided to create her own unique line that combined quality, afford-ability and quirky design.

“My fashion jewelry looks like fine jewelry,” explains Campbell. “All of my pieces are heavily plated in Platinum or 14K over Solid Brass. There is a luxe look at an approachable price point.” From ethically sourced stones to recycled gold quality materials are at the heart of Campbell’s design philosophy. All of her pieces are made in New York City and reflect her unique point of view and attention to detail. “The way the stones are set, the type of stones, the comfort... These are all considered and quality checked for each and every piece of jewelry I make. It’s what I’m all about,” she says.

Perhaps her toughest customer-to-date has been herself. “My engagement ring is definitely my crowning achievement so far,” she says. “It was one of my toughest pieces—I am very particular—and it turned out spectacularly! It is Art Deco with a touch of SciFi with a fancy gray diamond. It represents me and the jewelry I make.” With a seemingly endless source of inspiration and a passion for design, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this talented independent designer. — JULIA STUART