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Coming to you from Helsinki, Finland is fashion blogger and model Sylvie Mus. The Rwandan beauty has a love for fashion and an eye for style, we caught up with her in today's Style File.

You're on a first date, what shoe do you wear? On a first date I would wear black pumps with a pointy shape.

What's one fashion rule you always break? I don't really have any fashion rules but I think I've worn the same outfit twice by accident!

When it comes to shoes, how much is too much to pay? I think it depends on the shoe. If it's a kind of shoe that never goes out of style and it has really good quality then I think it'sworth investing in.

Who is your favorite shoe designer? At the moment my favorite shoe designer is Jennie Ellen from Sweden. Her shoes are really cute!

If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? If I were a shoe I think I would be a red high heeled sandal.