We caught up with the always stylish Ingrid Sarver, founder of Talaria Flats

Flats or Five Inches? Both! Fabulous five inch heels for special occasions or the start of the night, and then flats for when the dancing begins. Of course, I take my Talaria Flats with me everywhere. They come in handy after a long day.
Sequins or Satin? Sequins and any metallic. Even just a little shimmer or sparkle on something and I am drawn like a moth to a flame!
Overdressed or Under-dressed? Overdressed. This doesn’t mean a super fancy dress all the time, but rather pieces that are put together. It can still be a sweater and jeans, when it’s done right, it can look really put together.
Tiny Tote or Enormous Bag?
Enormous bag for sure. I have even upgraded recently to the “fashion backpack.” Current contents: Laptop for work, Mega Headphones for music, fruit snacks to avoid hangry outbursts, notebook and pen for jotting down ideas (so much more fun than on the phone), Talaria Flats in a few colors, in case a photo opp presents itself, and a few too many gum wrappers.
What’s Your Fashion Mantra to the Masses? Good shoes take you good places.
If You Were a Shoe, What Shoe Would You Be? A Talaria Ballet Flat! Comfort and durability right when you need it.