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From finding new ways to style old clothes, to adding signature pieces to complete a look, a personal stylist is no longer only for the rich and famous. As another fashion week comes to a close, we're ready for a fashionable wardrobe edit. Who better to guide us than stylist Alison Rodman? We catch up with the NY/NJ stylist on what to expect, who can benefit and how you don't have to go it alone when finding your sense of style. 

What's the number one mistake people make when shopping for new clothes? There are two key mistakes that people make when shopping. The first is that they don't shop with a clear idea of what they need. They buy random, trendy things they like. So they get home with their purchases and have no idea how to incorporate them into their existing wardrobe. You have to make sure you have the right foundation before you add in those spontaneous “fun” buys. The second is on the opposite side of the spectrum and buying clothes that they don’t actually like. You should never have anything in your closet that you think is just “ok” and was purchased simply because it fit or someone told you it was a “staple.” Clothes should always make us feel better and more put together, and everyone’s “staple” pieces are different. So if you buy things you don’t actually want, you either end up never wearing them or wearing them and feeling...well, just “ok.”


How can you identify your personal style? Play dress up! I am being 100% serious about this. Go into your own closet. Pretend it isn’t a normal Tuesday morning and that anything from a pair of leggings and a sweater to a ballgown are perfectly acceptable to wear. Pick out the one outfit you love the most and put it on. That’s the first ingredient in figuring out your personal style. If there isn’t one thing in your closet that you absolutely love (and not because it is comfy or familiar or supposedly appropriate for your job), you might want to employ some help (like a personal stylist) to figure out what you do like and just as importantly, what works best on you.

What does a personal stylist do? A personal stylist is someone who helps you determine what your best looks are, can show you how to put a complete outfit together, and will guide you through the often trying task of creating a whole new wardrobe or an event-specific look. They will help you wade through what trends will work for you and can even show you how to look like you spent a fortune when you’re really on a budget. Everyone from stay-at-home-moms to celebrities, working professionals to even fellow fashion experts (!) can benefit from having the professional, unbiased opinion of a personal stylist. Fashion is all about using what is new and modern to create the best version of yourself and how you present yourself to the world...and that is something that definitely deserves an assist!

What's your most popular service? I can’t really say I have one most popular service because everyone needs help with their wardrobes in different ways. But I have had a huge number of clients who understand the power of a perfect pair of jeans but need my help in finding them (and hint...every woman needs five specific pairs of jeans in her wardrobe!). Alternatively, I have also created countless individual looks for important events...from red carpets to first dates to high school reunions to weddings!

How much should people expect to pay for a personal styling service? Personal styling rates vary based on where you live, how much experience the stylist has, and what services you are looking for. Most stylists offer both hourly rates (ranging anywhere from $60/hr to $300/hr) and day rates (ranging anywhere from $800/day all the way up to $6,000/day!). I personally am also always willing to work with clients on my rate based on what their overall budget is.

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