Coming to you from Istanbul is Ukrainian style blogger Viktoriya of With a Master's degree in Financial management, this multi-lingual fashionista takes readers on an enchanting style journey.

You're on a first date, what shoe do you wear? Depends on the place of the date, besides no one want to look overdressing on first date, right? Probably it would be a pair of flat sandals or nude pumps.

What's one fashion rule you always break? Are there fashion rules anymore? Well, I have nasty habit of wearing clean white trainers in rainy weather, thinking that it looks sophisticated and chic.

When it comes to shoes, how much is too much to pay? I can kill my shoes very easily, so I don’t see the point in paying too much for them. I'm currently craving the Toga Pulla bucked boots, they cost like $500.

Who is your favorite shoe designer? I don’t have one. I mostly buy shoes from local brand Hotic, I also love democratic options from ASOS, ZARA and Mango. I recently discovered amazing Greek brand Sante Shoes, they are just awesome!

If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? Definitely Mcq Alexander McQueen Kim Derby Oxfords in Festival Floral, they totally reflect my style and passion for mixing tomboy styles with floral print.