Momentum by Timo Weiland

The design minds behind one of our favorite brands have partnered for a fab collaboration: MOMENTUM by Timo Weiland for Crowne Plaza®. It's a stylish new wardrobe collection for hotel team members, with multiple, versatile ensembles available for each professional role. We caught up with co-founders Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang, to get the low down on their jet setting life.

Momentum by Timo Weiland

Check-in or carry-on?

TIMO: Carry-on... I never have time to wait for luggage nor would I want to risk the loss of a checked bag.

ALAN: Loving the check-in these days—although I don't want to jinx myself with lost luggage. I like getting to the airport, going through security and being hands free.

DONNA: I try to do carry-on my way there, and usually end up checking in on my way back.  Vintage, antique and goodie shopping on my trips always makes me pack another bag!

Three items you never leave home without?

TIMO: A travel pillow, Johnson & Johnson oil absorbent sheets and a simple TW loose tailored button-down, very similar to the shirting styles that Alan, Donna, and I created for the Crowne Plaza MOMENTUM collection.

ALAN: A notebook. I love to write everything down to help from a less-than-par memory. Swiss Army knife, I'm just that guy.

DONNA: My phone aka crutch, notebook and pencil, and headphones.

Momentum by Timo Weiland

Favorite under-the-radar destination?

TIMO: Near Rockaway Beach. I've been surfing there for most of my adult life and it is a short subway ride away from my home in Brooklyn.

ALAN: Chicago, an incredible city where 48 hours of time is worth it and romantic. It has beautiful architecture, people and a calm-ish demeanor when walking downtown. The Crowne Plaza is a super treat as well.

DONNA: I absolutely love the English countryside. I was staying in a castle in a small town called Bedford this summer and it felt like I was stepping into a storybook. But pub food can only take you so far, so I loved that it was only an hour away from the heart of London city. I stayed at the Crowne Plaza the City which was minutes away from some of the best and newest restaurants, bars and shopping there. This city girl always needs a bit of that in my travels.

Your secret to surviving long-haul travel?

TIMO: Movement and stretching, every two hours, I make sure to walk the entire aisle to shake out tight muscles and avoid any chance of blood clots! Also, I bring at least three books plus a list of three movies that I hope to see on-demand.

Momentum by Timo Weiland

ALAN: New music you can get excited about, keeps your mind off the abyss of traveling.

DONNA: I put on a heavy night moisturizer, wear a squishy coat that doubles as a body pillow, and bring a great book and a dense, 'good for me', boring book. One to pass the time and one to put me to sleep. 

Your next big trip?

TIMO: Heading to Tel Aviv, Israel in October. Traveling all over the USA before that during the remainder of September and early next month. Hoping to stay in the Crowne Plaza while in Palo Alto, California!

ALAN: Jamaica, My girlfriend and I just unwind and experience a culture with so much style, grace and compassion. It's an incredible time.

DONNA: I am Canadian and have a huge desire to explore my adopted new land. My next trip is a road trip starting in Austin, Texas to San Antonio then a day trip to Marfa. There are two great Crowne Plaza locations there that would be ideal oasis during those long drives.

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