Style and comfort don't always go hand-in-hand, thankfully Upstep has launched a new online service that allows women to create affordable, custom-made orthotics online.  all types of women’s footwear, including flats, low heels, a variety of boots, orthopedic shoes, sandals, pumps, casual shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, and safety shoes.

Founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Limor Katz, Aviad Raz, and Oren Raz--all siblings--the company enables customers anywhere in the U.S. to get fitted with top of the line custom orthotics without having to leave the comfort of home.

How to works: Customers receive an Upstep footprint kit. They follow the simple instructions to make a foot imprint and send it back to the company. Upstep uses 3D technology to scan the footprint. The orthotics are custom-designed based on each customer’s individual specifications. The technology also offers a platform that takes various work and or athletic factors into account in order to meet the customer’s needs. The precise pair of orthotics is produced using sophisticated manufacturing techniques and the latest innovative materials. Once completed, they are sent directly the customer’s home.

Upstep custom orthotics are designed and produced by a team that includes top podiatrist, Mr.  Phillip Wells. Mr. Wells has more than 17 years of experience in the field and has designed and led the production of over 50,000 orthotics for customers from the general public as well as for professional athletes.

“One of the incentives for the development of Upstep’s concept was my own personal experience with years of foot pain,” said Limor Katz, co-founder and marketing manager at Upstep. She noted that “the need for special orthotics limited my choice of shoes to cumbersome shoes and this in turn determined how I dressed as dresses and elegant shoes were often not an option.” In order to buy orthotics, Katz added she had to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist, making a special trip and even then, the foot pain was not always relieved.

“Upstep changed my life and has allowed me to wear any shoe, including sandals,” Katz said. In fact, she added, “I can now wear dresses and elegant shoes and most important without any foot pain.”        

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