Next week we head to Lisbon, Portugal for ModaLisboa—three days of fabulous fashion. We caught up with one of our favorite designers Valentim Quaresma to talk pre-show preparations.

What's playing in your studio right now? (( Asa )) - Aurora.
What best describes you pre-show?
a) Excited
b) Anxious
c) Totally in control
d) Having an out-of-body experience
e) All of the above
e) All of above
What do you love most about showing at ModaLisboa? Everything!!! The location, the professionalism of the team, the casting, I’m very proud to show my collection at ModaLisboa and be part of the official calendar.
What is the most challenging? Organizing my time and all my ideas.
What can we expect for this season? New materials and a greater dialogue between jewellery and clothing, where ends one and begins the other.


Images: Modalisboa/Rui Vasco