Aakanksha Katihar knows shoes. After working for a plethora of major shoe and styling brands, she has launched her own site, High Heeled Vogueaholic. Katihar moved from India to the United States in 2010, and now splits her time between Alabama and Florida. Seeing the local culture in each new environment has influenced and helped built her sense of style for sure. High Heeled Vogueaholic has been created as a place where shoe enthusiasts of all sorts can visit for reference, news, and tips. Brand collaborations, monthly giveaways, and loads of envious shoes adorn the site; making it a must-click spot for fashion lovers all around.

Flats or five inches? Depends! Flats if I will be walking a lot and five inches all other times. 

Sequins or satin? Sequins for sure. 

Enormous bag or tiny tote? Tiny tote because I like to keep my hands free. 

Overdressed or under-dressed? I believe you can never be overdressed! So overdressed. 

What's your fashion mantra to the masses? Shoes have great power to transform anyone into their better self. So always remember "The right pair of shoes can change lives! Just ask Cinderella"

If you could be one shoe what shoe would you be? Stilettos because they are classy and fabulous and as Coco Chanel said "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous!"