Tina Fitch | Heaven Has Heels

'Tis the season to be sociable and what better way to bring the gang together than with HobNob invites? We put Tina Fitch, tech entrepreneur, sustainable farmer, ocean sports lover and Co-Founder/CEO of HobNob in our Well Heeled Hot Seat.

Flats or five inches? When I do heels, I like them high. I love the funkier designs by Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, and Isabel Marant. Their platforms are more forgiving for me nowadays, I can't dance all night in stilettos like I used to! But I like to alternate heels with old school skate shoes I've had for years, like the eS accel and adidas Busenitz, technical shoes that are great for skateboarding and that you can actually wear with almost anything.

Satin or sequins? Unfortunately, I'm not very delicate with my shoes or my clothes. I prefer edge to frills, so I need to go with leather or suede, vs satin or sequins.

Someone who looks and feels comfortable in their own skin always looks beautiful.

Overdressed or under-dressed? I'd rather be overdressed for an event than under-dressed. I'd rather show respect for my hosts by showing some effort. In general, I like doing a hi-lo mix so even if you're casual, you can look polished. I'm from Hawaii where we surf and skate no matter what age or profession, so when I'm home, I live in board shorts and t-shirts. I've spent enough time in designer dresses and heels where I can enjoy it, but prefer to unwind in bathing suits on the water whenever I can.

Tiny tote or enormous handbag? I often carry my laptop and an extra battery for my phone, along with various hair ties, bandaids and trinkets for my kids, so an enormous handbag is the only option! I use little pouches from Samudra to keep things organized in there.

What's your fashion mantra to the masses? Do you. I don't follow trends and that's served me well. That means judging quality by assessing the piece itself, not just the name brand or the price tag. And selecting things that fit your body type and make you feel strong and confident, regardless of what's "in." Someone who looks and feels comfortable in their own skin always looks beautiful.

If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? The Gianvito Rossi Vamp in black suede. It's sleek, timeless, and highly adaptable, with a sexy but conservative design that makes it classic with a twist.