We love monogrammed fashion so when we stumbled upon Blue Bird shoes it was love at first sight—even if this is an entire line of flats! We caught up with co-founder and Marketing Director, Paula Proushan to talk about Blue Bird’s flat attack.

What inspired you to create Blue Bird shoes? We wanted to inspire contemporary women and provide an alternative to heels; flats that can take a woman from day-to-night looking chic and strong while being extremely comfortable. We felt the need for flat shoes that were handmade, using 100% leather in the affordable luxury category.

Were you surprised by people’s reaction? Since we first launched in Brazil, May 2013, our biggest challenge was to change the conception that women can be sexy and glamorous in flat shoes. However, we were surprised by how quickly some stores adapted and gave in to this lifestyle. We also got the attention of several Brazilian celebrities who were fast to admit how much they like flat shoes.

What were some obstacles you had to go through from concept to creation? We wanted to have an amazing product that everyone could say wow to. Since we designed the loafer from scratch, we adapted it to be a prime product that not only looks sharp, but feels wonderful to wear.

How does being a Brazilian brand affect the way Blue Bird is manufactured? Brazil is known for its handmade leather goods and shoes. We also wanted to export the Brazilian lifestyle, so this was a huge advantage for us. However, one of our biggest obstacles was finding the right hands to make our shoes that could consistently keep improving and adhere to international standards.

Who is the Blue Bird wearer? She is self-confident, strong and empowered; a woman who is not afraid to break the rules.
Tell us about the brand’s design background? Our designer Michelle Lima, studied fashion in Brazil and has had a history with shoes for the past ten years. She was the brand coordinator for Alexandre Birman and launched his brand in the U.S., as well as overseeing all of manufacturing. I lived in the U.S. for many years working on the commercial side of brands and studied at Parsons, in the heart of NYC.
What’s on the cards for 2015? We recently launched two new shoe styles besides the loafer, the driver and the oxford style shoes. These will begin to be a hit (hopefully) as 2015 approaches. BlueBirdShoes.com.br — NICOLE ROSS