WHO: Sophia Webster

WHY: Sophia Webster’s Riko sandals are a force to be reckoned with. Soft pastels and pattern blocks take this heel to another level.

Edgy and feminine are two adjectives normally applied to describe opposite types of styles. It’s clear that Sophia Webster ingeniously designed the Riko heel taking influence from both, merging the two styles into one incredible heel. Riko, composed of leather, has as wedge of 4.5 centimeters and a heel of 14.8 centimeters.

The color blocks and cut-out leather patterns give the heel the edgy feel. The black trim around the sole of the shoe further pulls from that style. What subdues the shoe and brings in an essence of sweetness and femininity is the pastel color scheme. The presence of pastels in the blocks of color and chunky patterns infuses the heel with an unexpected playfulness. This is awesome because the versatility of what Riko can be worn with increases ten-fold. These could be worn during the day as quickly as they could be worn for the night. They could go to brunch or to the bar; it’s incredible.

Regardless of what your style might be, this heel is going to be a vital addition to your closet.

SHOP: SOPHIA WEBSTER Riko sandals $769.21, farfetch.com