Elena Ghisellini is a woman on the move. An illustrious career with some of the industry’s most notable names is the foundation for her eponymous line. From positions at Ferragamo and Trussardi to Givenchy and Emilio Pucci, Ghisellini is one of the accessory greats melding both form and function to create designs that delight. This season is no different.

Entitled Walking on Sunshine, Elena Ghisellini’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is yet another example of how we are moved by music, it’s rhythms, nuance, and energy. For this Italian designer it’s an essential ingredient in her creative life.

“I always listen to music from the moment I wake up,” says Ghisellini. “It gives me rhythm; it makes me dream which is important for my work, and it has to make people dream as well. In my studio music never lacks. It’s a source of inspiration, like nourishment or a living heart that beats full of life.”

Conscious of contemporary trends, Ghisellini never shies away from making a statement when it comes to her designs. These are more than an accessory; a way to complete a look, they are, as Ghisellini describes them, “luxury fetishes.” And as such, each line, accent, and hue is created for maximum impact. Within the collection are everyday staples but it’s the explosion of color for which she is known.

“Color for me is a therapy, a way to thrill and gratify,” says Ghisellini. “Mixing colors is like composing music, different notes for different sensations. For example, the Rainbow motif was a huge success and the mix of colors will always be present in my collection though with different options.”

Drawing inspiration from the animal world—particularly felines both big and small—Ghisellini sees accessories as a way to express an individual’s creativity. “The value they have acquired recently represents a great opportunity for the industry, an opportunity to create innovative yet elegant objects that really make a difference in our routine and characterize a person.”

Handcrafted in Italy, it’s a mixture of quality, craftsmanship and design that are the cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy. Design a calling Ghisellini has had since she was little, creating her own fashion when the things she wanted alluded her. Today, you’ll find her overseeing her growing empire, juggling commitments and deadlines while the beat plays on. ElenaGhisellini.com ­— ANGELA GILLTRAP