Unique, exotic and full of flavor... That’s the way CEO and Creative Director Ines Caleiro describes her favorite fruit, Guava—which also happens to be the inspiration for her striking line of fashion footwear. With a truly international mindset, Guava is a Portuguese footwear line based in Oslo, Norway. Caleiro, a long time shoe lover, completed her post-graduated studies in London going on to work in the U.S. Her background in graphic design, as well as fashion and product design, all culminated in the launch of her own brand, Guava, in 2010.

“When I was working in the U.S., my adorable boss encouraged me to start a brand,” says Caleiro. “I was drawing shoes everywhere I was going, every time I had a piece of paper in front of me.” This obsession manifested itself into the brand we see today, one that prides itself on utilizing modern technologies while maintaining an artisan feel. “Being a Portuguese brand is becoming very positive in the market,” says Calerio. “The Portuguese industry is well known and we have high-quality producers that attract markets such as U.S.A. and Asia.”

Known for its geometric details and vibrant colors, Guava continues to produce cohesive collections that are on trend yet stand apart from its larger competitors. For Spring, expect exotic prints and contrasting colors in geometric shapes for the brand’s Masai-inspired collection. This is a wearable collection with Guava’s distinctive heel design and quest for fashionable shoes that boast an international flavor. Guava.Shoes — JULIA STUART