It was a love of designer shoes that first set Konstantina Tzovolou on the path to footwear design. Beginning in Greece, designed in San Francisco and made in Italy, this globally sourced brand, is as eye-catching as it is wearable.

Created and designed by Academy of Art alumni Tzovolou, it was both the craftsmanship and the challenge of starting a non-traditional business venture that set her eponymous line of footwear into being.

“As a small startup company, the resources are limited, which often means I’m a designer, an inventory manager and an accountant in the same day or even hour,” says Tzovolou. “Juggling hats is one of my favorite parts of the job.”

Driven to succeed with a well-defined aesthetic, Tzovolou uses a mixture of design elements to create her signature look. “Leathers and mesh are some of my favorite materials,” says Tzovolou. “They’re visually and texturally different, but the two compliment each other so well.”

Fierce, feisty and feminine, Tzovolou is a believer in comfortable heels that allow women to look and feel their best. “Stylish shoes can be comfortable,” says Tzovolou. “I’ve had a lot more comfortable heels than comfy flats.”

A firm advocate of the heavenly heel, the world is beginning to discover the fanciful designs of Konstantina Tzovolou. You can be sure that many more shoes and fun designs are on their way—along with many more hats to juggle for this talented designer. — NICOLE ROSS