In 2007, architect Elinor Avni closed her interior design firm to create jewelry—a passion she discovered when her partner, artist Tammar Edelman began studying jewelry making. “At a certain point I understood this is what I want to do,” says Avni. With that, Noritamy was born.

Modern yet classic, Noritamy is described by it’s co-founders as a fascinating encounter of fashion and architecture. It’s architecturally inspired lines and fashion inspired embellishments mean this jewelry is as stunning as it is unique.

Working with a variety of materials, from high end metals to wood and fabric, Noritamy’s designs quickly caught the attention of fashion lovers as features in everything from Vogue to the Wall Street Journal began to appear. “Each time we think we achieved something nice, something nicer comes along,” says Avni. “We feel very fortunate.”

Fortune may play a part in this brand’s success but it’s hard work that makes Noritamy stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. “Jewelry has always played a big role in women’s lives and will always do,” says Avni. “A good piece of jewelry has power, it can make an outfit; enhance a personality.”

While the focus will continue to be on jewelry, there is plenty in the works for Noritamy. “We have a premium line in progress and we are developing our accessories line as well,” says Avni. Travel, kids, managing your own business... Avni admits it’s not always easy but it’s worth it. “I dream of a day that I keep busy only with designing new styles and flying off to present them,” says Avni. “I sense that day is closer than ever.” — ANASTASIA RUBIN