When it comes to show stopping spring heels you can’t go past Safa Şahin’s latest collection. The Turkish designer—known for his dream-like creations—has once again delivered a collection that elevates footwear design to the next level.

This surreal, spring collection was inspired by the work of Japanese artist and writer, Yayoi Kusama. Utilizing materials such as liquid polyester, silicon and plexiglass, Şahin has transformed the humble heel into fanciful, one-of-a-kind creations with colorful motifs, playful embellishments and gravity defying angles—a far cry from his previous black collection.

“My collection usually depends on my mood,” says Şahin from his studio in Turkey. “I was very depressed when I prepared the black collection. I was like Alice [in Wonderland] in preparing this collection.” Twisted heels and angular shapes, colorful uppers and intriguing lines make these shoes centerpieces rather than everyday wear. They are an artistic expression of Şahin’s inner most design inspirations. Since launching his eponymous line of footwear in 2008, Şahin has balanced his creative needs with  practical obligations to deliver both wearable and abstract shoes.

A footwear designer, painter and photographer, this is a designer whose inspiration knows no bounds. “For me, it’s never difficult to create new concepts and designs,” says Şahin. “I love my job.” Already at work on his next surrealist collection, Safa Şahin’s proves that the sky is the limit when it comes to inspired design. — ANGELA GILLTRAP






Meet Safa Sahin—footwear designer, painter and photographer, an all round renaissance man whose inspiration is as wide as his artistic vocabulary. From the characters of novels to colorful insects, this Turkish designer is inspired by a variety of elements that turn the mundane into high heel magic.

An accomplished footwear designer, Sahin  completed a unique two-year shoe design course at TASEV  (TÜRKIYE AYAKKABICILAR SEKTÖRÜ EGITIM VAKFI) which provided the technical foundation for his highly elaborate designs. Having worked with larger shoe companies before branching out on his own, Sahin is the first to admit one of his greatest challenges is to sell the concept of his creations.

“During the design process for my 2013/2014 collections, the shoe companies that I know very well, left me alone,” explains Sahin. “But when I decide to design a new concept shoe, the greatest challenge is to convince others. Generally, nobody accepts my new design idea.“

Far from being discouraged, this initial rejection spurs Sahin on to create something truly extraordinary. “I like them to be surprised,” says Sahin. And indeed they are.

With five personal exhibitions under his belt throughout the U.S., Italy and Turkey, Sahin’s desire to create something unique far outweighs the initial setback of any objections he may encounter. Winner of the Detay Leather Competition of Shoe design and Trendsetter Magazine Handbag Design Competition, he has attracted a global following who view his work as a mixture of art, design and fashion.

“A pair of shoes is an art object,” says Sahin. “That is why it makes the wearer want to own it.” Favoring polyester, wood and washed leathers, Sahin’s designs make everyday objects come to life with creations such as the “Cupcake,” “Whipped Cream,” “Stalactite” and “Butterfly Pump.”

Currently a senior studying Fine Arts, it’s obvious Sahin has a lot more to offer the design world, with a solid technical foundation and an eye for design, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Safa Sahin. —ANGELA GILLTRAP