Brooklyn-based designer Suzanne Rae creates with her wearer in mind. “I think fashion is a very accessible and influential form of art,” she says. “It helps shape our every day and I want my collections—each piece actually—to help initiate, promote, or provide a positive, progressive experience for the wearer.”

Featuring minimalist designs with a focus on sustainability, Rae’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection is inspired by the beauty and sophistication of the Egyptian pyramids. “These perfect structures, created with an unfathomable and possibly lost technology, bear the sort of enigmatic elegance that blurs the past and the future,” explains Rae. “Their magnificence is timeless; both ancient and high-tech at once. It has even been proposed that instead of tombs, the Pyramids were structures built to harness free energy, much like the work proposed by Nicola Tesla. With so much yet to be discovered, the pyramids continue to capture our attention as well as our respect, much like today’s modern gentlewoman.”

A simple palette of light colors makes for a wearable spring collection of mix and match separates. Classic lines and casual silhouettes have become Rae’s calling card. This is elegant, everyday wear created with longevity in mind; designs in-tune with seasonal trends yet, not governed by them—a design trait she attributes to her home base in Brooklyn, New York.     

“I always say that I love Brooklyn because it is the only place in the world that truly encourages individuality, in all respects of taste,” says Rae. “I think that is amazing. It definitely fuels my imagination, and I’m able to think more honestly—more free from feeling the need to follow trends.”

As consumers move away from “fast fashion,” timeless pieces from designers such as Suzanne Rae pave the way for a more sustainable fashion industry where the aim is for self-expression, empowering us all to be ourselves regardless of what fashion dictates. — JULIA STUART