It began as a student design project, but the unique aesthetic of Termite Eyewear soon found its way onto the accessories market—and into our hearts. Created by designers Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams, the pair champion British manufacturing and sustainable fashion with their recycled wood, hand-worked creations.

“We love pushing the boundaries of accessory design,” says Finch. “Quite early on we decided on wooden accessories and started to source locally. It was something a bit unexpected and again, challenged the design skill set we had,” adds Williams.

The dynamic design duo met while studying Fashion Design at Ravensbourne University in London and collaborated on the “Termite” project to develop skills in differing areas of design. Eyewear, in particular, was one area they believed they could contribute to in a new and original way.  

“The challenge of making something recycled—or sustainable—appeal to the younger market really pushes us design-wise,” says Finch. “It makes us reflect on design and production choices. As well as being positive for the environment we are asking our consumer to recognize the message behind the product.”

Originally, Termite was aimed at the twenty-something market, people interested in art and fashion with a quirky sense of style. In reality, the brand has attracted a wide range of loyal followers traversing age, nationality and socio-economic backgrounds.  

“We are so excited for the possibilities London Fashion Week holds for us. Our aim is to start to establish international stockists within Europe, and in-turn develop the business. Within a year we would even like to look into developing another accessories line all being well.” In the meantime, keep an eye out for these cutting edge sunnies for a little added spex appeal. — FIONA ROSS