Advanced. Innovative. Multi-functional. Welcome to the designs of London-based jewelry designer, Viktorija Agne. Inspired by the concept of mobility and transformation, Agne’s creations push the boundaries of accessory design utilizing shapes, materials and production techniques to create unique pieces for the fashion-forward crowd.

“Being an accessory designer has been my dream ever since I was a teenager,” says Agne. “After completing my education in Denmark,  I followed my dream all the way to London to study Fashion Jewelry. It was the best decision I ever made.”    

Vibrant colors and bold silhouettes are the trademarks of this up-and-coming accessory designer who melds techniques, old and new, to achieve her futuristic look. “I enjoy working with different kinds of metals, 3D printing and leather,” says Agne. “But mostly, I enjoy experimenting and combining these techniques together because even though it seems like very different materials it provides endless possibilities.”

A designer who believes in the functionality of accessories, as well as their beauty, it’s the attention to detail that sets her apart. “Tiny little details, which might not be very important to other designers, are very important to me because at the end of the day, every tiny detail in my designs plays not only a visual roll but also a functional one, so it’s really important to think through every single aspect.”

As with many creatives, Agne’s greatest obstacle is time. Thankfully the young designer, has a burgeoning career ahead of her.

“Jewelry is a big part of our lives,” says Agne. “I guess most of us don’t even notice it, but I’m sure that every female—even every male—who wears a piece of jewelery every single day, that particular piece of jewelery is a part of who she of he is.” — JULIA STUART